NS Place



Branding strategy

NS Place is your home away from home, where you can experience Athens like a local

In late 2015 we took on the challenge to transform NS Place from a collection of serviced luxury apartments, to a bespoke living experience unlike no other, in Athens. With an international clientele and tough competition from local accommodation services, we needed to build a memorable lifestyle brand that would differentiate from the crowd. 

Your bespoke living experience in Athens.


Website & Content Management

After locking down the brand elements we partnered with a web development agency in order to build a customised website that could match the exquisite class and style of the luxury apartments. Our central role was to ensure the brand identity was correctly represented throughout the design of the website & it's digital content.

We carefully planned the production of visual content to ensure it would exude luxury and refinement, and copy was meticulously written to induce a feeling of comfort and trust with the readers.

01_Copy of Malktime_Photography_04.jpg
Every detail of each room is designed to offer you a lavish experience and the comfort you would feel in your own home.
— The Harmony Suite

Contemporary and traditional architecture combine, featuring light marble floors, modern wood panelling and details in cool earthy tones that compliment the minimalistic style perfectly.
— The Athena Suite

Social Media & Newsletters


Once the brand identity was defined and the new website produced we were able to start building a sustainable social media & newsletter strategy. We made sure to curate content that would be inspirational, informative and engaging for the target audience.